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Short Path Distilling Apparatus Complete

Product SKU: LG-6315-098

Quick Overview

Short path distillation


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Product loss is minimized by compact design. The thermometer bulb and stem serve as the column packing.  10/18 outer joint accepts thermometers calibrated for 75mm immersion. The distributing adapter consists of a single  24/40 outer joint and three  24/40 inner joints to accept three 50mL round bottom receivers. The receivers are held in place with plastic clamps (supplied).


Product comes with the following components:

Distilling Head

Distributing Adapter,100ml



Receiving Flask,50ml, (3pcs)

Thermometer,-10 to +250, 75mm immersion

Plastic Clamps, size 24

Thermometer Adapter,24/40

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Technical Specifications No

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