Loyalty Rewards Program


Elite:$20,001 - 

Platinum:$10,001 - $20,000


Points Accrual

Elite:$50 spent = 1 point

Platinum:$65 spent = 1 point

Gold:$100 spent = 1 point

Points Redemption

Elite:50 points = $1

Platinum:65 points = $1

Gold:100 points = $1

Southern Labware, Inc. offers its Loyalty Rewards Program exclusively to United States customers. Under the Loyalty Rewards Program, only registered customers are eligible to earn points each time they purchase qualifying products on www.southernlabware.com. The following terms and conditions apply.

Loyalty Rewards Program Terms and Conditions of Use, Effective 5/1/19

  • Southern Labware offers its Loyalty Rewards Program exclusively to United States customer
  • Points will only be awarded to registered customers. Points are not awarded to guest checkout
  • Points are awarded based on your current tier
  • Points are not awarded on sales tax or shipping and handling
  • Points can only be redeemed for amounts greater than 500 points
  • Points are issued only on orders on www.southernlabware.com
  • Points will be reversed from your account on any returned or cancelled items
  • Rewards will only be shipped to registered individuals and addresses
  • Points are awarded on purchase price of product
  • Points will be awarded once the order has been invoiced
  • Points Accelerator. Receive extra points on purchases of specific brand products
  • Receive 500 points for registering
  • Redeem your points for products, shipping charges or gifts


Only customers with registered accounts are eligible to participate in the Rewards Program. Customers are limited to use one account.

By registering for an account you agree to be bound to the Terms and Conditions set forth herein.


To enroll in the rewards program simply register for an online account.

Accumulation of Points

Points are awarded on purchases made for qualifying products through www.southernlabware.com. Points are not earned for dollars spent on freight and taxes. Credits for returned or cancelled purchases will reduce the points accrued in the customer’s account.

Products in the Accelerator Program will receive extra points.

Redemption of Points

To redeem points, customers should visit www.southernlabware.com A minimum of 500 points must be redeemed per reward issuance. Redeemed points will be deleted from your account and cannot be reinstated. Points cannot be transferred, sold or redeemed for cash.

Southern Labware, Inc. reserves the right to modify, terminate, or suspend any reward at any time. Redeemed rewards are not refundable, exchangeable, replaceable, redeemable for cash, credit or other rewards or points under any circumstances.

Modification/Termination of Loyalty Reward Program

Southern Labware, Inc. reserves the right to modify, add, change, terminate, or suspend the Loyalty Program in any way. For example:

-Increase/Decrease the number of points earned for each Southern Labware, Inc. purchase.

-Increase/Decrease the number of points required to redeem rewards.

-Limit the total # of points that can be accumulated

-Set an expiration date for points earned.

Privacy Policy

Southern Labware may use customer’s information provided in account registration, including email addresses, to offer products, programs or services that it believes may be of interest to participants. Southern Labware, Inc. will not use personally identifiable information collected in any way other than set forth herein. Customers can choose to opt out of these emails.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at loyalty@southernlabware.com