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  • Yamato DKM-310C, Forced Convection Oven, 1 cu. ft. (27L), 220V 4.5A
  • Yamato DKM-310C, Forced Convection Oven, 1 cu. ft. (27L), 220V 4.5A
  • Yamato DKM-310C, Forced Convection Oven, 1 cu. ft. (27L), 220V 4.5A

Yamato DKM-310C, Forced Convection Oven, 1 cu. ft. (27L), 220V 4.5A

Product SKU: DKM-310C

Quick Overview

Forced Air Oven


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Standard forced convection constant temperature ovens with simple operation functions

Performance and functions

  • Fixed temperature, Quick Auto stop, Auto stop, and Auto start operating modes with easy control capabilities
  • Settings can be made digitally with the dedicated operation menu keys or the ▲/▼ keys
  • Auto recovery after power failure, calibration off-set and key-lock are possible through the auxiliary functions
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

Safety features

  • Self-diagnostic functions, Auto overheat prevention, Independent overheat prevention


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Additional Information

Technical Specifications
Circulation Method Forced air circulation
Operating Temperature Range Room temp. +10~260°C
Temp. Control Accuracy ±1°C (at 210°C)
Temp. Distribution Accuracy ±2.5°C (at 210°C)
Max. Temp. Reaching Time ~90min (at room temp. +10°C~260°C)
Interior Material Stainless Steel
Exterior Material Cold rolled steel plate with melamine resin baking finish
Heat Insulating Material Glass wool
Heater SUS pipe heater / 0.8kW  
Fan Type / Motor Scirocco fan / Condenser type motor 10W
Cable Port 30 mm l.D.×1 pc. (right side)
Exhaust Port 30 mm l.D.×2 pcs. (the top)
Temp. Controller PlD control by microprocessor
Temp. Setting Method Operation menu key and digital setting by ▲/▼ key
Temp Display Method Measurement temp. : Digital display by green LED / Setting temp. : Digital display by red LED
Timer 1 min. to 99 Hrs. 59 min. and 100 Hrs. to 999 Hrs. 50 min. (with time wait function)
Operation Functions Fixed temperature operation, Quick Auto-stop, Auto start, Auto stop
Additional Functions Calibration off-set function, Key lock, Uninterruptible power for memory
Heater Circuit Control SSR control
Sensor K-thermocouple
Safety Device Self diagnostic functions (Sensor trouble detection, Memory error, Measured temperature lower limit error, Measured temperature error), Auto overheat prevention, Independent overheat prevention.
Internal Dimensions W×D×H 11.8x11.8x11.8 in. (300×300×300mm)  
External Dimensions W×D×H 16.1x17.8x26.4 in. (410×451×670mm)  
Internal Capacity 33.5 gal. (27L)  
Shelf Plate With Standard Load 15kg/piece
Shelf Rest Step Number 6 steps  
Shelf Rest Pitch 35mm
Power Source 50/60Hz 220V 4.5A  
Weight 78 lbs (35kg)  
Shelf Plate / Bracket Stainless steel 2 pcs. / 4 pcs.
Convection Forced Air Convection
Oven Capacity 1 cu ft.
Oven Voltage 220V

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