2 g-100 mg Analytical Precision Class 1 Cal-Pak with NVLAP Accredited Certificate

2 g-100 mg Analytical Precision Class 1 Cal-Pak with NVLAP Accredited Certificate

5 g-200 mg Analytical Precision Class 1 Cal-Pak with NVLAP Accredited Certificate

5 g-200 mg Analytical Precision Class 1 Cal-Pak with NVLAP Accredited Certificate

2 g-100 mg Analytical Precision Class 1 Cal-Pak with NVLAP Accredited Certificate

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2 g-100 mg Analytical Precision Class 1 Cal-Pak with NVLAP Accredited Certificate is available to buy in increments of 1

Analytical Precision Weights

On December 1, 2013 the latest revisions to United States Pharmacopeia (USP) General Chapter 41 Balances became official. The goal of the revision is to ensure weighing accuracy that reflects current weighing methods. The revised USP-41 now has two mandatory critical components:

• Repeatability

• Accuracy


Troemner Cal-Paks™ contain (3) high quality, precision weights which can be used with all balance manufacturers’ makes and models. The weights supplied are the balance manufacturers’ recommended calibration weight, 10% of the calibration weight, and the minimum weight as determined by the balance’s readability and expected standard deviation under normal conditions as recommended by USP 41 (United States Pharmacopeia).

Troemner Cal-Pak™ components and carrying case are linked through the use of a unique serial number. You can trace your individual weights to the appropriate NVLAP+ or UKAS++ Accredited Certificate and master carrying case. The precision weights in your Cal-Pak™ are traceable to internationally recognized standards through an exacting series of precision measurements that provide an accurate value for each weight with low uncertainty. Troemner’s NVLAP+ or UKAS++ Accredited Certificate provides evidence that the process for the measurement traceability chain meets the stringent requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and has been approved by NVLAP+ or UKAS++.

Calibration Consistency - Troemner addresses every variable of our measurement process to ensure consistency of calibration results for your processes, products and services.

Alloy 8 Advantage - Troemner Alloy 8 Stainless Steel is the finest grade of stainless steel available. Alloy 8 possesses closely controlled density (8.03 g/cm3 ), extremely low magnetic properties, good stability, and resistance to corrosion. Alloy 8 is available exclusively through Troemner.

Lowest Uncertainties - Troemner is committed to achieving the highest measurement capabilities and offering the lowest measurement uncertainties possible. The true test of how well we perform a calibration is in the reported uncertainty, which provides you a higher level of confidence.

Electronic Certificates Your Cal-Pak™ includes a USB Flash Drive that contains your electronic NVLAP+ or UKAS++ Accredited Certificate. The USB Flash Drive provides you with a paperless system for your certificates to be easily accessed and maintained over time. Return your flash drive each time you have your Cal-Pak™ recalibrated and we will add the new NVLAP+ or UKAS++ Accredited Certificate to the flash drive. This green system provides you with a history of your weights all in one convenient place with no paper to keep on file. All the information is maintained on the Flash Drive so you can print the NVLAP+ or UKAS++ Accredited Certificate when necessary.

Suggested Applications Cal-Paks™ are used for routine maintenance of your balance. Troemner provides you with (3) weights that will allow you to cover the entire usable range of your balance. The maximum weight is used to calibrate the balance externally, the mid weight is 10% of the calibration weight to test the sensitivity of the balance, and the minimum weight is the lowest possible weight that can be weighed on your balance. The minimum weight was selected based on USP 41 test for minimum weight and the expected standard deviation of your balance at the minimum weight. The three weights will test the accuracy and linearity of your balance throughout its entire range. 

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Technical Specifications

Class 1:  Can be used as a reference standard in calibrating other weights and is appropriate for calibrating high-precision analytical balances with a readability as low as 0.1 mg to 0.01 mg.


NVLAP Accredited Certificate:  Troemner's NVLAP Accredited Certificate provides compliance in both measurement process and data reported to the customer to meet a variety of standards including NVLAP Handbook 150-2, ISO/IEC 9000, ISO/IEC 17025, FDA, GMP. GLP, DOD, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 and nuclear requirements. Troemner's NVLAP Laboratory Code is 105013-0. The NIST administered National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) approves, through periodic audits, all processing and weighing procedures, as well as certificate format and content.

Part #7272-1WNumber of Pieces2Dimensions (Weight in Case)8 x 7 x 3.5"
Weight Set Range2 g-100 mgMaterial2 g weight is 316 Stainless Steel. 100 mg weight is 304 Stainless Steel.CaseSupplied in a high quality polycarbonate case with each individual weight in its own polycarbonate case. Case also includes compartments for brush, forceps and USB Flash Drive.
ClassClass 1Density7.95 g/cm3 at 20°COriginManufactured in the USA
CertificateNVLAP Accredited CertificateStyle2 g weight Is cylindrical with handling knob
100 mg weight is flat with one end turned up for easy handling
Set Contents2 g, 100 mgConstruction2 g weight is two-piece 
100 mg weight is one-piece